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Flower care

There are many ways to make flowers last longer. To keep it simple and minimal I like to treat flowers like people, give them water and air, not give them things you wouldn't give yourself.

Here are some tips that will naturally make your flowers last longer.


Trim Stems

When you receive your flowers they will require water. Flowers can dehydrate during travel time from the florist to your home. Before putting your flowers in water you must trim your flowers' stems.  A fresh cut will help the water travel up the stem.

Avoid Sunlight

Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight. As the flowers are fresh-cut, they will need to be placed in a cool area or the flowers will dry out and wilt.


Lastly, replace your flower water every two days. When you fill your vase with water make sure to fill below the leaves as the leaves can brown your water.

I hope these tips can help you keep your flowers fresh and fabulous.

                                   Flower Care

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